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Last few months I have been working on new knitwear with Icelandic knitting studio Ívaf where every step of the process takes place in Iceland using the highest quality materials that Iceland has to offer.

The wool is sourced from Uppspuni that is a family run wool mill in the south of Iceland. They use solely wool from their own sheep that are raised for the highest quality wool. They do every step of the wool production in house without any harmful chemicals. The wool from Uppspuni is much softer than other Icelandic wool and represents the best Icelandic wool has to offer. 

The sweater is dyed using Icelandic plant ´Maríustakkur´ that gives a beautiful deep green color. Last summer I went picking the plants, then they were dryed and stored through the winter to have available during the production phase. 


The knitwear development and production takes place in Ísjafjörður in the north of Iceland were Ívaf has a small independent studio. Even with our rich history working with wool in Iceland there are very few that can produce knitwear and the advantage of Ívaf is that she can produce the knitwear with zero waste during the production process. When working with the highest grade wool available there is no other option than working with a zero waste production process.

The result is a one of a kind sweater made using all the best that Icelandic nature has to offer. Every step of the production process is made thoughtfully in a sustainable way working in balance with nature and using the best material that we can get our hands on in Iceland. When buying and supporting this project you are supporting Icelandic craftsmanship and therefore making more products like this possible in the future.

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